Our Story

Our history began humbely with seven men in West Texas at Texas Tech University. It has since crossed state borders and includes countless numbers of men. Now, Men of God Christian Fraternity is an unashamed band of brothers proclaiming the gospel, who engage the culture, impact through servant-hood and refine and educate leaders through God’s word. 

To truly know us, you must know where we started. Explore our history. 


On December 5, 1999, seven brothers (God's number of completion) who had been attending a weekly bible study at a local Lubbock, TX community church (Community Baptist Church) decided to compile their gifts and talents given by God, to be used by God in order to effectively minister to the body of Christ. Spencer Jones, Rodney Shepherd, Bryan Miller, Dameon Randall-Dennis, Roswell Smith Jr., Cedric Clark and David Moody III heeded to the word of God, which states, "the harvest is great but the labors are few." The brothers felt the power of God on their lives to bring about this much-needed ministry to the Lubbock community and to the world so that Christian brothers could truly serve God. On this date the mission, vision, purpose, and focus were written down and from that came what you see today. The first meeting held by the founders was on December 5, 1999 at one of the founder’s apartments. The founding chapter at Texas Tech University is now officially the Eleazar Chapter.

During a Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Step Show in Lubbock, TX, Men of God was called to minister and the founding brothers had to select a name. The founders could not agree on a name because the brothers simply wanted to be known as, “Men of God.” That night the name, Men of God was established.

Today, these brothers and many others are part of a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, and a holy nation that is called to be the head and not the tail. The brothers of Men of God want to take the lead in guiding this holy nation by bringing together and unifying people of various backgrounds, on one accord in serving God. After the initial seven worked tirelessly to minister to others while establishing the organization as a force others came to the organization and the fraternity became incorporated on December 11, 2000.

The Ambassadors of Men of God Christian Fraternity continue to press on toward the mark in which God has called the ministry.  They continue to bring together the true essence of fellowship, leadership, education of the word, and servant-hood while establishing the vision of bringing these attributes together in one organization so that all brothers can come and partake of the power of God, which comes after brothers truly, dwell together in unity.

Arming ourselves with Ephesians 6:10-18, so that we will remain firm in their stance and knowing that it is good when brothers dwell together in unity, we prepare ourselves for spiritual warfare, for bring others to Christ, and praising and worshipping Christ.