Throughout the year Men of God Christian Fraternity is involved in a number of activities which support the community and bless the Kingdom of God. Here are a few community outreach events and programs that are held throughout the year.

Signature Programs
Yearly programs of Men of God Christian Fraternity, Inc.

A Rubie's Worth
Normally on Valetine's Day the men of the Abishai Chapter host a banquet where the young women on campus are served and appreciated for the women of God that they are. Starting in 2000 this event is an outreach ministry to the community that exemplifies how young men should treat and honor young women, as well as teaching the brothers in the organization how to become a men of God through his relationships.  The members of the ministry serve dinner, present gifts and deliver an encouraging word from the Lord to the women. Through this ministry men develop a sense of how a man of God should treat their sisters in Christ whether as a friend, brother in Christ or husband.

Kingdom Conference
Annual Fall Conference featuring Christian entertainment, empowering seminars and fellowship.

Evangelism Outreach
Ministries of Men of God Christian Fraternity, Inc.

Dress Up Fridays
Brothers of M.O.G. can be found dressing up on Friday around campus.  This is done for two reasons 1) It further estalishes our brand that Ambassadors of Men of God are professional men raising the standard. 2) Seeing well dressed men on campus during a time when most college students are not dressed up is a conversation starter.  This opens the door for connections with individuals and discussions about Jesus Christ.

Painting the Town Red
Prayer is the key to right relationship with God.  We believe God hears are prayers as we pleed the blood of Jesus knowing that the prayers of the righteous avail much.  We take this faith to various parts of our communities to cover it in the blood of Jesus.  Thus, painting the town red.

Brotherhood Programs

Strong Man Groups
As our ministry grows we focus on continuing to make connections with as many members as possible in the fraternity.  One way we accomplish this is through Strong Man Groups (also known as accountablity groups).  These are small groups of members who meet regularly to hold each other accountable and pray together.

Good Neighbor Brotherhood Fellowship
Everyone is not necessarily called to serve God through this ministry.  This being the case doesn't mean we are not all still brothers in Christ.  M.O.G. hosts several events and fellowship opportunities for brothers that are not Ambassadors.

Ministry Partnerships
Valuable partners in the ministry

United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities
Serving in cooperative ministry with other Christian fraternities and sororities since 2006

Love Ministries
Dallas, TX

Wives of Virtue
M.O.G. doesn't have a sister organization in the traditional since.  We truly believe in raising up men of God who are leaders in their communities and homes.  This is evident through a partnership with Wives of Virtue which is a support organization of wives of M.O.G. members.  By providing a fellowship for the wives and fellowship for the men we support God's call for Christ-centered marriage that keeps Ambassadors connected to the fraternity for life.

Kingdom Minded Records
Dallas, TX