Along with the benefits of fellowship, spiritual growth and friendship, M.O.G. membership offers a number of unique benefits.

  • Whole Man Ministry: God's goal for every being is that they would be whole. To us this means  being complete spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and in any other way in which the word of God states. We work to make this happen for all members.
  • Brotherhood via Strong Man GroupsTM: As with every fraternity the essence of the organization is brotherhood.  Fraternity comes from the word “Fratern” which means brotherhood.  We are already brothers in Christ; a fraternity is simply a way by which we can bring all brothers together in a common purpose of serving God and ministering to one another. Sometimes an organization can grow too large for members to receive individual attention.  We have created unique inter-fraternity groups which pairs members together with accountabilty partners called Strong Man GroupsTM.
  • Christian Accountability: We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  All of us need someone to help us live up to the standard that Jesus has set.  In the foundation of this organization is Christian accountability.
  • Higher Standards: We call it "Raising the Standard and Standing Firm." We work to have our members continously raise the standard by which the live and stand firm in that standard.
  • Fellowship: As in Psalms 133:1, when brothers dwell together in unity it is always a great time.
  • Networking: This organization is made up of current and soon-to-be professionals across a variety of career fields.  This fraternity is a great way to connect with Godly men who care about helping you achieve in life.
  • Service, Leadership and Professional Development: It's not all about us.  We pray that God would bless you so that you can become a blessing.  We will help you grow as a person, leader and professional so that you can serve in your home, church and community.
  • Affiliations:  This organization is part of the premiere council for Christian fraternities and sororities (UCCFS).  We also have unique sub organizations such as Wives of Virtue that allow your wife to play a role in the organization.  The connections you will make through this fraternity goes far behind the organization itself.

Tell us a little about yourself and let us know if you're interested in committing to one of our undergrad or grad chapters or if you're interested in starting a chapter.