Questions & Answers

Why a Fraternity?

As with every fraternity the essence of the organization is brotherhood. Fraternity comes from the word “Fratern” which means brotherhood. We are already brothers in Christ, a fraternity is simply a way by which we can bring all brothers together in a common purpose of serving God and ministering to one another.

Why Men of God and not a Greek letter organization?

This is simply a change from the normal way of doing things. We want brothers that join to serve God in front-line ministry not for the letters. Additionally, when you see the name of this organization you know exactly where and what we stand for. However, the basic structure, premise, and purpose of the organization is the same as any other Christian fraternity.

What outlining theme does Men of God come from?

The bible, in Romans 12: 3-8 talks about how there are many parts to a body, but all the parts together still make one body. The Fraternity was called to be a different part of the body. We were called with the purpose of forming the devil stompin’, demon whoopin’ army of God. With the full armor of God in place and with the power of the Holy Spirit we believe in going forth in front-line ministry to take back from the devil and claim the things that God has for his kingdom. The bible says, “the harvest is great, but the laborers are few.” We are the laborers claiming the harvest. What you will see when you see M.O.G. is a body of God-fearing soldiers.

Is there pledging?

Yes. Even though any and everybody is free to minister and be ministered to we are looking for men of God who want to be part of a spiritual army that will do the things that no one else wants to do. The intake process is not to exclude anybody, but is in place to find those truly dedicated to serving God and working, without faint, for him. The process tends to focus on community projects, learning more about the organization, how to become a more effective minister, and showing yourself to be a solider for the Lord. (See our intake policy.)

Is there hazing?

No. That would not be in the spirit of the God. There are no surprises and no hazing in M.O.G. We do, however, have simply requirements to view the pledges level of dedication and relationship with God. (See our hazing policy.)

Do you have a sister organization?

We do not have a peer sister organization in the traditional since like most fraternities. Instead we have a support sister organization called Wives of Virtue made up on wives of M.O.G. members.